3 Simple Ways to Release Negative Emotions

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Hey Loves, after last post, I felt I was a little bit hard on you guys but trust me it was nothing but Love, Tough Love but still Love 😃! On that note, today I wanted to share with you how to release Negative emotions. We are often told to control ourselves and to be diplomates when it comes to express ourselves. For a lot of us, we have learned to suppress our emotions and go on with our lives. Lately, I discovered how toxic it can be to keep everything inside by trying to be the bigger person all the time. And for those who are in the awakening process, we all know how much of a roller coaster we go through with our emotions, unfortunately it is part of our healing process to ascend. Here’s how you can release negative emotions, whether it is sadness, anger or confusion:

1) Exercise: Whenever I feel a strong negative emotion, I go run. Of course it would be better if I do it on a regular basis before it gets too intense
still working on that 😉. If you are already a pro gym it’s even better. Boxing or any fight sports are also really good to blow off some steam. Personally, when I get mad I love to punch my pillows or my big balloon it makes me feel strong, crazy and free, especially when I want to release an extreme emotion like anger. When you are awakening to ascend in higher vibrations, the process can be quite challenging for your body and mental state as you have no choice to heal all kinds of past traumas. So it does get intense at times and yes you will purge a lot.

2) Prayer: Even if you are a Powerful Co-creator, you can feel lost at times. When you pray or meditate, you become open to a Power Greater than yourself, The Source of everything! Call it like you feel it, but God/Source/Universe and Ascended Masters are always ready to give you the help you need at any time. You have to be ready to take the directions that they will give you because sometimes, we think we didn’t receive any help but when we looking closer with open eyes and open heart, it was always there. Prayers, Meditations and Affirmations are also a quick way to elevate your vibrations.

3) Express yourself: Scream, Write, or Talk to yourself! Why? Because whenever someone asks us: How are you doing today? We all answer: Fine and you? It’s perfectly fine that we don’t want to bother people with our problems and you don’t want to be the one spreading negativity but to keep it all inside can be really toxic. A lot of us have been trained to not express our emotions too much, we just had to do whatever our parents wanted us to do to be a good child, to be loved and accepted. I do hope that it’s now different with new generations because when we become adults, communication becomes the number one problem in our relationships as we don’t express ourselves properly. That’s why if you can find a spot where you can scream to release the accumulation of unexpressed feelings, it can be very liberating.  In your car with loud music can do the job. (My dream is to do it at the top of a mountain.)

Write down on your computer or a personal journal how you truly feel. You can be honest because it is for yourself. Whenever I write, I am truly authentic. It’s the place where you don’t have to fake it anymore so get loose.

Talk to Yourself, to God, to the Universe, to Angels: You don’t have to be with a physical person to feel heard. We are never really alone! You can express how you feel or why you felt triggered at a particular time. Even negative emotions are here to tell you something, you are not crazy, if you feel some type of way, it is for a reason. When I do this exercise, I’m always surprise of how answers come easily to me and how the support of the Universe is never too far.

Be creative and don’t be afraid to look crazy when it’s about releasing your lower vibrations. I’m not saying to go fight someone
just kidding đŸ˜œ no but seriously, don’t keep it inside for too long if you want to keep sanity in your relationships, your spirit and finally your health. So free yourselves and be happy just because you deserve it.

As always, I’m sending you Love and Light!

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