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We often hear how important it is to forgive people who has done us wrong but do we really forgive? And if we do so, what is it going to bring us? Forgiveness helps us find our freedom and can transmute old wounds we carry in our bodies.

There was a time in my life where I accumulated so much anger and deceptions that I felt physically and mentally heavy. I was discouraged and always left feeling like a victim. As the wound was never faced, I attracted the same unfortunate situations. I know I say it a lot but we really do attract what is inside of us. But who wants to look at the darkest part of their souls? This could be really uncomfortable especially if we have a big Ego but know that the perception you have of others and situations is a reflection of who you are. I didn’t meet a lot of people who likes to admit that but it is truth most of the time.

I created a 2 pages prayer based on forgiveness and letting go. I was not going to go on with my life with resentment and wounds from the past. I read it every day, even after the first time I immediately saw a change, I felt lighter. After a while reading it, every memories came back to me one by one. When your soul is ready to purge, old wounds come back to the surface so it can be confronted and healed once and for all. After doing my forgiveness prayer, a shift happened: I had a new perspective, I saw the bigger picture I even felt gratitude. You will also see that everything you think happened against you was in fact happening FOR you.

You also have to give that forgiveness to yourself. In fact, I think it’s better to start with yourself first as we can’t give anything from an empty glass. Forgive yourself for being naïve, for giving too many chances, for the hurt you might have caused to someone, for the bad thoughts you had and the bad things you said. It is a very powerful exercise to purify your soul and consciousness, it will raise your vibration quickly and the more you do it, the better you will feel. It is like a reset button.

Be careful now, forgiveness doesn’t mean to put yourself back in a situation that was clearly bad for you or to reconnect with someone who has hurt you too many times. We didn’t come here to suffer, even if sometimes it is part of  lessons (karma) we needed to learn. When your peace of mind is threatened, take your distance with no hesitation. I believe that to protect ourselves is also part of our mission just as much as forgiveness.

I send you Light and healing energy!

*** Here’s my affirmation prayer on forgiveness ***

Repeat, remix it, Feel it:

I forgive anyone who has caused me harm for this lifetime and previous lives. (1 time)

I forgive you (10 times)

I ask for forgiveness for any bad thoughts, actions and words I had for this lifetime and previous lives. (1 time)

I forgive myself (10 times)

I am forgiven (10 times)

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