Energy forecast for Libras!

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This Channeled message is for Libras, moon-rising Libras and sun-rising Libras feminine and masculine energy.

I felt guided to deliver this urgent message to you dear Libras. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Libras. I’m very passionate about astrology and I believe everything is connected and we can use what the Universe has to offer to create a more suitable life for ourselves. Unfortunately for most Libras, the astral planes was not at their advantage for the last 5 years and for a lot of them the struggle has lasted around 15 years. We’ve been able to go through challenges, because of our positive nature. We are able to see the other side of any situations. That made us stayed tolerant and resilient during this period, we didn’t know what it meant «to see the light at the end of the tunnel». But I would like to announce you dear Libras that this period is now over and you might have seen the difference the last few months. The Luck is finally on our side. But we have to take maximum advantage of it so we can stand our ground for a more positive and constructive life.                             

For the first time is 12 years, Jupiter is in Libra until the 10th of October 2017. This Planet has a powerful energy, of fire, expansion, luck, abundance, balance, protection and Higher education. It is now time, more than ever, to take important decisions and make your demands to the Universe. Claim everything you’ve always desired and feel that you are worthy to receive your gifts. Libras tend to always be fair to everybody, so to please others, they stay low-key not shining their Light. With the Astral Planes not being in our advantage, this characteristic didn’t serve our highest good. We are being asked to express ourselves, fight for what we believe in and use our Power. This Power is to be able to balance any situations, to reconcile opposites, and intuitively know what means Justice, Unity and Truth.

Of course, there is work to do before you start seeing miracles happening. During this period, we’ll have all the support of our Guides and the Astral Planes to start fresh on a new and higher energy. We are being asked to MAKE A MOVE: if your job or your relationship doesn’t give you a feeling of fulfillment quit it! Go back to school, declare your love to someone or start this business you’ve always dreamed, travel or anything just JUMP. Our indecisiveness has to be faced once and for all, as an air sign we can feel lost for long periods of time. If we don’t stand our ground in a clear direction, we’ll end up experiencing the same things over and over again. The Universe and uncertainty equal zero productive result if we do the math. In other words it gives a lower vibration of status quo.

Libras is represented by a scale, symbolism of Justice. When we aren’t balanced in our body, mind and spirit it’s harder to move forward. It is common that Libras like to isolate themselves to find their alignment before socializing again. Which is a good thing, because from isolation and solitude you’ll find your True Power.                 

We are also govern by Venus, the Planet of beauty and Love. This is why we need to feel loved and give that Love back. If you didn’t have any Luck in this area, we are now being asked to balance this natural energy by directing it more towards ourselves. By doing that, you will attract higher situations, people and opportunities.

Dear Libra, express yourself, trust yourself and be authentic. Your mission has just begun!

With our Love

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