Spiritual partnership, the new thing?

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Spiritual partnership is a connexion between two people who has a shared mission. One having a dominant masculine energy and the other one, the feminine energy. The Yin and the Yang! They often had similar childhood experiences and even after meeting they go through similar experiences. Coming from very dysfunctional families, the first part of their lives will be affected by addictions, abuse, mental illness and curses (bad luck). This will cause them to be very insecure for a long time by having self-destruction behaviors, forgetting that they chose those hard realities to be prepared for the mission. The Quote: No pain No Gain is the best to describe the dynamic of this kind of connexion. And since the Universe is perfectly orchestrated, they will be rewarded for their effort, perseverance and their painful transformation. Everything is accelerated and inevitable when they both finally meet in the physical.

Spiritual partnership exist since the beginning of time but with the «New Age» spiritual movement, they are now evolving as we are awakening to higher vibrations. Meaning that our soul desperately want that change to happen. Whether we like it or not, there is a collective awakening at this very moment. Don’t worry, it is for our best! We are being asked to heal old wounds, of war, abuse, curses and racism to make room for higher energies of Love and authenticity to come through. This will also eradicate the old ways of thinking. Those wounds we carry blocks us from seeing the truth and be what we are here for: Love. The lack of powerful energies like Peace and Love create an unbalance for Mother Earth so it is natural that we need pioneers to help us go through this major change. They are what we call, light workers, healers, empaths, spiritual leaders and twin flames.

I’ve been doing healing sessions with other twin flames by broadcast (thanks to technology) and I’m happy to see that they are coming from all corners of the planet with a common goal: To Heal! Most of them is to serve humanity and others for personal growth which is still a contribution. One more healed human will always help because we are all connected. I was also surprised that some of them came from Montreal…we therefore cannot escape from it. That confirms that I’m not the only one experiencing this turbulences.

Twin Flame’s mission is to help elevate the frequencies of the Planet with Pure Authentic Love. Not the Love with interest, or to please our family, our community and religion so we can fit in a society mold. In this kind of connexion, there is no control or codependency, it is fair to say that this is the ultimate relationship. The one that represents our deepest heart’s desire. That means that we will continue to see a lot of separations happening and people coming out of the closet to accept themselves, Love themselves unconditionally and if that’s the desire of the heart share true Love with someone (regardless the sexe, age gap, appearance or race). With the healing energy of Love, Twin Flames has the huge task to be the new templates of Love and assist our sisters and brothers in their journey to ascension. I will end by saying that YES, The spiritual partnership is the new way to go! And we are here to help you!

With Love! Xxx

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